Throw the Ultimate Football Viewing Party (Serious Fans Only)

Football party

It’s that time of year again. We’re in the months full of intense tackles, surprising interceptions, and satisfying touchdowns: FOOTBALL SEASON! You have a team. You have your spirit. Now think about what’s required to throw the ultimate football viewing party (and how to arrange your home for it). Follow these tips and friends will be sprinting the 100 yards from their houses to yours.

1.  Determine the Location of Game Central

It’s game time! The living room, basement, or den is your 50-yard-line seating, so organize accordingly. Make sure all furniture can clearly see the T.V. Have plenty of table space for easy access of snacks, drinks, etc. And make sure there’s room somewhere in the room for touchdown celebrations.

2. Clean Up Your T.V. or Buy A New One

Hit the “menu” remote button and adjust the colors of your T.V. so you can tell the difference between the blue of the Patriots and the black of the Steelers. Make sure to wipe down the screen for clearer viewing, and keep all cords tucked away from foot traffic. If the picture and sound still aren’t what they should be, make the investment in a new television.

3.  Bring Out That Comfortable Chair

You know the one. The big, leather one you brought with you into your house that was really too ugly and didn’t go with the rest of your furniture. During football season, comfort is more important than looks, and so the lounger must come out of storage.

4.  Get Even More Seating

If you plan on having a huge crowd over to watch the game, get creative. Bring out the extra folding chairs or floor pillows. Keep seating organized by designating part of the floor for the kids or young adults.

5.  Go All Out On the Snacks

Chips and pretzels are alright, but that’s not enough for a real football fan! We’re talking nachos, jalapeno poppers, sliders, and definitely desserts. Just be careful not to spill on your jersey.

6.  Decorate With Your Team’s Gear

Get out the branded flags, paper plates, napkins, and of course, shirts and sweatshirts. You can even decorate your food with the team colors if you want to go all out.

7.  Have a Non-Football Space

In the crazy off-chance that not all of your friends and family members are as fired-up about football as you are, have a neutral zone. Is there another room where people can sit and talk? It’s a good idea to offer an option for people to escape the loud cheering. And it’ll be handy just in case your team isn’t performing well and you want to get away (knock on wood).